What is a Cycle Start Date?

The Cycle Start Date is a coordinated date your clients’ 30-day supply of medications will start each month. HCP will deliver the monthly Cycle at least 3 working days prior to your Cycle Start Date.

What is a Cycle Review?

Cycle Review is a monthly, date specific one-on-one conversation between an HCP pharmacist and your medication coordinator to review each client’s medication profile. This process is proven to reduce medication errors and waste.

What do I do with discontinued medications?

Destroy based on your organization’s policy. State and Federal laws prohibit pharmacies from receiving the discontinued medications back for credit or for re-dispensing to another client. Check for drop off locations within your community.

How do I deal with medication changes between Cycles?

HCP easily accommodates medication changes between Cycles. You can return the Bubble Pack Card for a repack (call first), or we can provide enough of the medication change (in a single pack card or vial) to carry the client through the current 30-day Cycle.

What is the cut-off time to have a new order processed the same day?

The pharmacy must receive the prescription by 11:00 A.M. (MST) for same day delivery/shipping. Orders received after 11:00 A.M. will be processed the following business day.

What do I do about missed medication(s) or giving a client someone else’s medication(s)?

Follow your organization’s policy. An HCP pharmacist is available 24 / 7 to answer any pharmacy related questions.

What do I do if I get a new admission?

Complete the Client Profile Form

How do I get new staff oriented to the medication process?

Schedule training with an HCP representative.

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