Our primary goal is assisting our customers in the implementation of safe and effective medication management systems that will help each organization accomplish the following:

• To reduce medications errors;
• To reduce medication waste;
• To meet and stay current with medication management regulatory requirements;
• To streamline medication processes, allowing each organization’s staff to provide a higher level of client care;
• To track client compliance and support self-administration processes, and;
• To ultimately save our customers time and money.

Our policies and procedures are intended to enhance medication management practices between HCP and our customers. These policies can only be accessed by organizations under contract with HCP. If you wish to access these documents, please contact us at the numbers listed below or via email

Notice of Privacy Practices:
HCP respects and protects the privacy of those we serve. Federal law requires HCP to provide you with a description this can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

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